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Grandma’s Herbs – Deliverease

(5 Week Formula)
(Maternity, Labor and Child Birth Preparation)
(100 Capsules – 456 mg)

Deliverease Natural Formula for Maternity, Labor and Child Birth:

DELIVEREASE: Natural remedy for maternity, labor and child birth preparation. Midwives and pregnant mothers recommend Grandma’s Herbs DeliverEase as the best product for preparing a woman and her baby for childbirth delivery.

  • Our DELIVEREASE formula should be taken for the last five weeks of pregnancy:

What’s Included: (1) Bottle of DELIVEREASE – 100 Capsules – 456 mg

Product Features:

  • DELIVEREASE has been used by midwives to help prepare a mother and her unborn baby for childbirth/ delivery.
  • Promotes a healthy natural birth.


  • FIRST WEEK:1 capsule 2 times a day. SECOND WEEK: 1 capsule 3 times a day. REMAINING DURATION OF PREGNANCY: 2 capsules 2 times a day. You will need 2 bottles. And you may continue to use this formula after giving birth until the bottle is finished.

Ingredients: Red Raspberry (leaves & pulp), Blue Cohosh (root), Squaw Vine (herb), Blessed Thistle (herb), Penny Royal (herb), Wild Yam (root), False Unicorn (root), Bladder Pod (herb)


The formula is a must have for expecting mothers who want natural help in preparing for child birth:

During the final weeks of pregnancy many changes are taking place in mothers and baby’s body as both are preparing for labor and delivery. Nourishment is a vital key for both mother and baby.

It is an exciting time, but can also be very uncomfortable. False labor is very normal and can be painful. The baby’s head settles into the pelvic area, which can cause cramping and frequent urination because the uterus is pushing on the bladder. Back pain is also often associated with the last few weeks of pregnancy.

  • The herbs in this formula help to prepare mother and baby for this important time using herbs that have properties to promote help in labor-regulating, building, strengthening, pain-relieving, etc.
  • Red Raspberry Tea: Is the first ingredient and is so good for pregnant women.
    • The traditional uses are:
      • To build tissue with in turn helps to prevent tearing of the cervix.
      • To help prevent hemorrhaging.
      • To helps to regulate uterine contractions during delivery.
    • Red Raspberry Tea: Has also been studied (posted in for the effects and safety for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.
      • This study monitored mothers who consumed raspberry leaf tea.
      • The results were astounding. This study found that Red Raspberry Tea is safe for mothers and their babies.
      • It also found that there were less complications ie; membrane ruptures, caesarean section births, or need to use forceps/ vacuums during birth.
    • It is very high in iron, calcium and magnesium and is excellent to take while nursing.

Testimonial: “Wow is all I can say about this product! It made such a difference from my first birth without it and my second birth. When I went in for the doctor to strip my membranes to help labor, he said “Well looks to me like you are already to go. Your walls are already thinned out.”