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Experts: Got an itch to skinny dip? Go for it

Those heading to Florida for spring break should go skinny dipping, editors of the usually staid U.S. Public Health Service professional journal say. Swimming in the buff can help reduce the occurrence of a skin rash commonly known as sea lice, which can afflict swimmers in Florida waters from March to August, they say. The rash generally appears in areas of the body covered by swimsuits because microscopic jellyfish get trapped beneath the material and release a venom that irritates the skin.

Eau de morte: Research focuses on Death Smell

When we're dying, we give off a virtually undetectable odor So says Italian scientists, who are trying to develop a special artificial nose to sniff out the "smell of death," the newspaper Repubblica reports. The Italian scientists say the technique could even be used in the future to detect whether a person has an undiagnosed cancer.

A lead on cavities: Scientists flag Lead

Lead from traffic fumes and old-fashioned plumbing may be rotting our teeth. So say Spanish researchers, who found that adults and children whose teeth contained high levels of lead also had more tooth decay, staining and plaque, New Scientist magazine reports. The researchers think lead attacks the enamel coating that protects teeth.

The high and the whitey: Altitude, white nails linked

You've heard of white knuckles, but white nails? Well, according to two Toronto researchers, living at very high altitudes for an extended period of time can make finger and toenails unusually white. In a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, the researchers say high altitudes affect the cells that grow fingernails and toenails, causing the nails to be whiter.

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