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By Robert La Pierre

For twenty five years my life challenge has been to get off drugs, injections and overcome the emotions of distress and hopelessness.  Before I was born, my mother was working in a clinic in Canada as an x-ray technician.  She felt confident that she was sufficiently protected against the harmful effects of   radiation, by wearing the appropriate lead shielding, she was horribly mistaken.   The exposure to radiation changed the course of her life…and mine.

By age of six , I had already undergone four surgical operations.  It was at the age of five that my glandular system completely broke down and stopped functioning.  As a result my body was unable to produce the critical growth hormone to mature - I simply stopped growing.  Even today at age 35, I could pass for a 22 year old.  The doctors diagnosed me as having a growth hormone deficiency and a glandular shut down.   The treatment for such a life threatening disease, was like a death sentence - if I forgot to take my medication I would die.  It was quite a dramatic shock for me at that early age to handle psychologically — that I would have to take drugs for the rest of my life.  Knowing this, I consciously decided to die.  From then on, my life was filled with complex and difficult struggles both emotionally and physically.

With regard to the deadly decision I had made at six years old, I deliberately stopped taking my medication several times and put my life on the line, both knowingly and unknowingly.  As a small child, I could not participate in children's games and children could not relate to me because of my size and physical weakness.  Due to the lack of hormones I had no reflexes to run or play.  Many times I had to be pulled back from dangerous situations, because I simply was unable to gauge the speed of objects or people.  In order to survive my youth I developed a strong mental determination and a very defensive attitude.  That is when I began to use words as weapons against my peers and inevitably I developed an unreasoning EGO ... a huge one.  I never really looked my age, so most people judged me or physically abused me (especially my peers).  There were countless hurtful remarks directed at my size and height.   Due to all the emotional strife, my love for self and others closed my heart and left me with very little compassion.

All through the years, my mother and I actively sought alternative avenues in the hopes that we could heal my body, but without much success.  Every time we failed to heal my hormonal problem, despair would slowly fill my heart with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness.

When I was 20, my mother moved to California.  She continued her search, and finally she was lead to develop a technique using sound frequencies which have a beneficial effect on the different organs, glands, and systems of the body.  At first I was not especially thrilled with the idea of being a guinea pig one more time, in fact I quite bluntly told her that I did not like the idea.
However, when I visited her, I showed some interest in the work she was doing.  We spent time experimenting with her voice analyzer software and experimented to determine certain frequencies that I lacked in my physical body.  One evening, she asked me if it was okay to play some frequency tapes. When I told her it was OK -- little did I know what the outcome would be.

Subwoofer were used to transmit the frequencies.   The first impressions the sound frequencies tapes imprinted on me, was that of a gentle wave rolling down every inch of my body, bringing with every rise and every fall, a wealth of nurturing and soothing energies.  I felt safer somehow.  I was also much amaze to recognize the rapidity at which the recordings supported my daily

What happened in the following days was probably one of my mother's and my greatest hopes to ever come true.  We were struck by a wave of miracles that went way beyond our wildest dreams.  First, I started to cry and cry, and I mean really cry, then I started to realize how deeply I had hated myself, both physically and emotionally.  I felt my heart open wide, wider that it had ever opened, even as I write these words today, tears come easily to my eyes.  Soon after that, my glandular system began to work… I started to feel a greater sense of energy in my body, not to mention the adrenaline surge.  After only a short time of listening to the sound frequencies... I stopped taking drugs altogether and I am now DRUG FREE!!!

Most of my life I had difficulty sleeping at night, sometimes it would take me four to five hours just to fall asleep, mostly because I had a hard time breathing.  After I began to use the sound frequency tapes my mother made, within weeks, I was able to sleep deeply and restfully.  The thing I like most about sound therapy is that I do not need to take any drugs and it is easy and effortless to use the tapes/CDs.   I assimilate the food, I eat much better, I am healthy, I have harmony in my relationships with others, I can deal with stress with much greater ease.  I have harmony and peace in my life, which I thought I could never achieve.  I sincerely believe that without the help of my mother's work, Sound Wave Energy tapes/CDs, I would not be alive today.   Thanks mom, thank you a thousand times!!!

If you would like to email me, I can be reached at  robertl@cslswe.com

Robert Lapierre
P.O. Box 3969
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

Biography of Robert La Pierre

Robert La Pierre was born in Montreal, Quebec in  1962.   At five years of
age, he was diagnosed with a glandular and growth hormone shut down, which
both constitute a severe impairment.  He was able to overcome his glandular
deficiency through the use of sound therapy.  Since then, he
accomplish several far reaching goals as well as publishing a book in 1990.

After five years, he is still pursuing sound therapy, and an amazing quantity
of results still embrace his daily life.  Presently,  he is working on the
development of holistic entertainment software.


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