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Adding Fluoride to our Water Supplies

 Proof positive of fluoride's deadly decay

You know the addition of toxic fluoride to our water supplies is one of my major hot-button issues. I've written about it frequently over the past two years in both the Daily Dose and in my newsletter.  But hold onto your hat, because I'm about to expose to you some of the most damning evidence yet that water fluoridation is completely founded on false pretenses…   

First, a little background:  Although fluoride naturally occurs in most water supplies in varying amounts, we routinely add even more of this industrial toxin - which used to be used as a rat poison, by the way - to our municipal water supplies in the name of dental health.  (Never mind the fact that the biggest comparative study ever conducted on fluoridation and tooth decay yielded no statistical difference in the rate of cavities between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.) What's really disturbing, though, is that there's a large body of virtually unreported evidence suggesting that fluoride actually DAMAGES teeth - like this shocking story from Montana:

Yellowstone Park's majestic elk are dying before their time - and fluoride-damaged teeth are to blame!

That's right: In certain areas of America's most beautiful national park, elk are expiring years sooner than they're supposed to because of the unusually high levels of naturally occurring fluoride in the water.  According to an ecology professor from Montana State University, elk in these areas live only 65%-70% as long as elk just a short distance north, away from the geothermally active southern zones of the park which spout extreme amounts of fluoride.

Why aren't these animals living to a ripe old age?  Because this fluoride causes PREMATURE DETERIORATION OF THEIR TEETH - which leads to an inability to properly chew their forage.  This in turn leads to starvation, disease, and an increased vulnerability to wolves and other predators due to weakness and malnutrition.

And guess what? Too much fluoride will do the same to your teeth. You might not fall prey to a wolf because of it, but the point is the same:  Fluoride doesn't do teeth any favors.

So there's really no reason to add it to our water supplies, is there?  Except maybe to help big industry dispose of millions of tons of toxic waste every year…      

Yes, dentists and others may insist that a small amount of fluoride actually helps your teeth, but I've never seen any convincing evidence of this. But I HAVE learned about the effects of fluoride toxicity on human health and longevity.

So do yourself a favor:  Shut off your city water and dig a well or buy bottled water - or get yourself a good fluoride-
eliminating water filter.

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Last modified: June 28, 2015