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"You Can't Argue With Success"

A Respected Oncologist Calls for New,
Unbiased Clinical Trials

 Lynn H. Ratner, M.D., is a medical oncologist with a thriving private practice on Manhattan's Upper East Side. He is also assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and education coordinator for medical oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital, both in New York City. Dr. Ratner is a doctor who always puts patients' needs above everything else, and he cultivates an aggressively open mind about the science of medicine. When he made the decision to go on record earlier this year regarding his use of hydrazine sulfate and its positive effect on his patients, his only condition was that he be allowed to review his statement in print for accuracy Here it is:

 "My involvement with this drug came in a circuitous manner. I had been somewhat aware of it over the years. Hydrazine sulfate is a member of the family of drugs known as MAO inhibitors. Dr. Joseph Gold, the developer of this drug, had conducted a clinical trial, and other double-blind trials had been done by major medical institutions, including UCLA's Harbor Hospital, and were reported in the journals we oncologists read.

 "However there was a lot of controversy about the drug in the late eighties and early nineties--with the National Cancer Institute, on whom physicians must rely, reporting that the drug was of no value.

 "Suddenly in recent months I have been besieged by requests from patients who wanted me to administer it, controversy erupted because NCI permitted patients to consume substances identified by Dr. Gold (and medical texts) as incompatible with hydrazine sulfate.

 "On this important issue of incompatibility I think Dr. Gold is right, and the NCI needs to conduct the trials differently. The new clinical trials I am calling for should exclude those substances identified as incompatible. I do not permit my patients who are taking hydrazine sulfate to also drink alcohol, or take the other substances Gold lists as incompatibles, including barbiturates and most tranquilizers. I also tell my patients on hydrazine sulfate that they must not eat raisins, yogurt, certain cheeses, and other foods that contain tyramine, an amino acid that is incompatible with any MAO inhibitor. I don't understand why the NCI would deny that hydrazine sulfate is an MA0 inhibitor.

 "So let me summarize: I call for another trial of hydrazine sulfate, and it should be fair and impartial, without the biases that afflicted previous nationwide multi-institution clinical trials run by the NCI. Doctors know it is iconoclastic to embrace a drug which has been dismissed by the NCI, but you can't argue with the kind of success I am seeing in my patients."

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