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Families of Cancer Patients
who died between
1989 and 1993




The University of Alabama at Birmingham/Group Leader Dr. George A. Omurs/Birmingham, AL

Scripps Clinic Rancho Bernardo/Group Leader Dr. Michael Paul Kosty/San Diego, CA

Kaiser Permanente-Southern California Permanente Medical Group/Group Leader Dr. Scott M. Browning/San Diego, CA

University of California San Diego Cancer Center/Group Leader Dr. Mark R. Green/San Diego, CA

Medical Center of Delaware/Group Leader Dr. Irving M. Berkowitz/ Wilmington, DE

Walter Reed Army Medical Center/Group Leader Dr. Raymond B. Weiss/District of Columbia

Mount Sainai Medical Center of Greater Miami/Group Leader Dr. Marc K. Wallack/Miami Beach, FL

University of Chicago Cancer Research Center/Group Leader Dr. Nicholas Vogelzang/Chicago, IL

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics/Group Leader Dr. Gerald H. Clamon/Iowa City, IA

Eastern Maine Medical Center/Group Leader Dr. Alan W. Boone/Bangor ME

Maine Center for Cancer Medicine/Group Leader Dr. Thomas J. Ervin/Portland, ME

University of Maryland Cancer Center/Group Leader Dr. Joseph Aisner/Baltimore, MD

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Group Leader Dr. George P. Canellos/Boston, MA

Massachusetts General Hospital/Group Leader Dr. Robert W. Carey/Boston, MA

University of Massachusetts Medical Center/Group Leader Mary E. Costanza/Worcester, MA

University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic/Group Leader Dr. Bruce A. Peterson/Minneapolis, MN

The Jewish Hospital of St. Louis Marilyn Fixman Cancer Center/Group Leader Dr. Alan Philip Lyss/St. Louis, MO

University of Missouri-Columbia Hospital and Clinics/Group Leader Dr. Michael C. Perry/Columbia, MO

Cancer Care Consultants/Group Leader Dr. John Allan Ellerton/Las Vegas, NV

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center/Group Leader Dr. Gibbons G. Cornwall/Hanover, NH

Hematology Oncology Associates of Central New York/Group Leader Dr. Santo Difino/Syracuse, NY

North Shore University Hospital/Group Leader Dr. Vincent P. Vinciguerra/Manhasset, NY

Institute of Oncology Long Island Jewish Medical Center/Group Leader Dr. Kanti Roop Rai/New Hyde Park, NY

Mount Sanai Medical Center/Group Leader Dr. James F. Holland/New York, NY

New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center/Group Leader Dr. Richard T. Silver/New York, NY

Roswell Park Cancer Institute/Group Leader Dr. Edward S. Henderson/Buffalo, NY

State University of New York Health Sciences Center/Group Leader Dr. David Duggan/Syracuse, NY

Bowman Gray School of Medicine Department of Hematology/ Oncology/Group Leader Dr. Miles Robert Cooper/Winston-Salem, NC

Bowman Gray School of Medicine/Group Leader Dr. Charles L. Spurr/Winston-Salem, NC

Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center/Group Leader Dr. Donald L. Trump/Durham, NC

University of North Carolina School of Medicine Division of Medical Oncology/Group Leader Dr. Howard Ozer/Chapel Hill, NC

Rhode Island Hospital/Group Leader Dr. Louis A. Leone/Providence, RI

University of Tennessee, Memphis Cancer Center/Group Leader Dr. Alvin Marx Mauer/ Memphis, TN

Medical Consultants/Group Leader Dr. Ronald D. Hart/Milwaukee, WI


Finsen Institute/Group Leader Dr. Nis I. Nissen/Copenhagen, Denmark

Royal Victoria Hospital/Group Leader Dr. Bernard A. Cooper/Montreal, Quebec



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