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Frequently Asked Questions
About Miracle Super Multi-Vitamin

Question Answer
Is it wheat free? Yes. It is also free of yeast, corn, egg, and milk.
Is it made from whole foods? No
Does it contain herbs? Yes, Siberian Ginseng and extracts from Bilberry, Hawthorne Berries, and Milk Thistle.
Does it contain Ester-C? Yes, all of them do.
Why is the amount of Vitamin C so low? Although 250 mg is lower than many people are used to taking, the RDA for Vitamin C is 60 mg, so this is well above the RDI (recommended dietary intake).
Why isn't there any vitamin K in it? The body already produces it.
Is the calcium an elemental amount? Yes
Amounts of A, D, and E, are they safe or toxic? The amounts of these fat soluble vitamins are all very safe levels.
Do the tablets break down and get absorbed? Yes, our tablets go through a dissolution test to be sure they breakdown within 60 minutes.
Is it free of preservatives? Yes
How much Vitamin A? 10,000 IU per 6 capsules.
How much Vitamin A and how much beta-carotene does it contain? There is 5000 IU of vitamin A, and 5000 IU of beta-carotene.
Do the citrus bioflavonoids have the same effect as eating fruit (blood sugar)? No, it is not like eating fruit.
Does it need to be refrigerated? No. Keep it in a dry, cool place.
How much Niacin and Niacinmide? 20 mg in the Take One, and 50 mg in the 6 capsules.
Is the level of B6 toxic? No
Why are the amounts of the B complex vitamins so high? This is actually not considered to be a high dose. These doses are not toxic to the human body.
What is the Vitamin E derived from? It is derived from soy. However, during the processing of the E, no soy allergens remain.
Is it okay to take iron? This is a patented form of iron, called Iron Glycinte. It is 4-7 times more bioavailable and safer. If the body doesn’t need it, it stays bound to the amino acid glycine and is not absorbed by the body. It is also non-constipating.
What is Betaine TMG? It helps to lower homocysteine levels by transferring a methyl group to homocysteine thereby converting it to methionine. Homocysteine is an amino acid that is known to cause vascular disease. Choline, also in the product, is used as a secondary methyl donor.
What is choline? Choline helps to support brain function.
Are there any bioflavonoids? Yes, hesperidin and rutin.
Can I take Miracle Super Multi-Vitamins with a pharmaceutical drug?



Can I take Miracle Super Multi-Vitamins with my disease or condition?

The label states that everybody should consult with a healthcare professional before taking any supplements. We even advise people who are healthy to do that. I understand that you are concerned about your health. However, as we are not healthcare professionals, we are forbidden by law to advise you regarding how a supplement or Miracle Super Multi-Vitamins might interact with a pharmaceutical drug.

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