Calcium Types/Functions

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Calcium Types and their Functions

Because there are so many types of calcium supplements available, one may well ask, what's the best form?  The answer is the best forms of calcium are those that are easily absorbed, assimilated and metabolized by the body such as calcium chelate, citrate, hydroxyapatite, aspartate, and lactate. 

Calcium carbonate, the least expensive and most easily obtainable, is the least effective form of calcium and should be avoided.  According to Health Realities, Spring 1995 edition, “Calcium carbonate, which is the most commonly used source of calcium in supplements, encourages acidemia, bone loss, excesses of free calcium, risk of cancer, kidney stones, and calcium deposits.”

The ROEX Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula with Trace Minerals, is an innovative, comprehensive and effective formula, an ideal way to enhance calcium nutrition everyday.  All calcium supplements are not the same in regard to calcium availability, assimilation or utilization.  The ROEX formula contains a combination of the most bioavailable forms of calcium including: calcium aspartate, citrate, chelate, and calcium lactate. Moreover, it includes the essential major mineral magnesium and essential trace minerals chromium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, silica, and zinc which studies show are needed to properly absorb, assimilate and utilize the calcium in all its varied functions.

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CALCIUM ASPARTATE: is a highly soluble form of calcium, formed by binding calcium and aspartic acid (an amino acid), providing better absorption, assimilation and usage. Aspartic acid is an important amino acid that functions as a transport mechanism delivering the calcium to proper body sites for specific functions. This form of calcium is readily absorbed by the body and has the dual advantage of releasing calcium and aspartic acid in the blood. It is easily absorbed, assimilated and utilized.

CALCIUM CHELATE: a binding of calcium with a hydrolyzed vegetable protein so that the calcium is absorbed more readily in the small intestine and subsequently released in the blood.  Calcium chelate has higher absorption levels than inorganic salts, such as calcium carbonate, and is retained longer in the body.

CALCIUM CITRATE: highly soluble, this type of calcium is formed by binding calcium and citric acid (a form of vitamin C). It is easily absorbed, assimilated and utilized in the body with the dual benefit of usable calcium and vitamin C.

CALCIUM LACTATE : a highly soluble form of calcium which is formed by a binding of calcium and lactic acid, calcium lactate has been shown to aid absorption in the small intestine.

As mentioned previously, the ROEX Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula is a balanced calcium formula that contains the necessary nutrients to assist with calcium absorption, assimilation and utilization in the body.  Following is a brief description of the other necessary cofactors which research shows must be present in correct ratios for effective calcium absorption and metabolism.  All of the nutrients listed are included in the balanced ROEX Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula.


Boron • A trace mineral, shown to be essential for the manufacture of hormones which control bone and muscle growth.  New evidence suggests boron may play a role in the metabolism of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Chromium • Important in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, chromium is an important trace mineral. Deficiencies of chromium have been shown to impair the action of insulin.

Copper • A trace mineral which helps keep bones, nerves and the immune system healthy.

Manganese • This trace mineral needed for energy production and reproduction, may also be essential for bone building.  Use of manganese along with other trace minerals, may help develop a more optimal bone-matrix.

Magnesium • A major mineral involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions, magnesium aids in bone growth, contributes to tissue elasticity and aids in the functioning of nerves and muscles.  Low intake has been linked to cardiovascular diseases.

Magnesium Aspartate • A binding of magnesium and the amino acid aspartic acid, to provide better absorption, assimilation and usage.  An important amino acid, aspartic acid functions as a transport mechanism for magnesium, delivering it to the proper body site for specific functions. This readily absorbed form of magnesium has the dual advantage of releasing both magnesium and aspartic acid in the blood.

Magnesium Chelate • A binding of magnesium with a hydrolyzed vegetable protein for greater absorption in the small intestine and subsequent release in the bloodstream.

Magnesium Oxide • A form of magnesium that readily reacts with stomach acids to become soluble and absorbed in the small intestine.

Molybdenum • Important in energy metabolism, molybdenum is a trace mineral that aids in bone growth and strengthening of teeth.

Protein • A basic nutrient and building block of DNA, protein can be found in any large group of naturally occurring, complex, organic nitrogenous compounds. A hydrolyzed vegetable protein is used for a carrier of calcium and magnesium in the ROEX Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula

Selenium • A trace mineral needed for proper immune response, Selenium functions as part of enzymes which act as antioxidants fighting cell damage.

Silica • Silica, (silicon dioxide), is a trace mineral necessary for the formation and health of all tissues, bones and organs.  Silica stimulates cell metabolism and increases the absorption of calcium; it also has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties.  The need for Silica may increase as we age, since it is discharged faster by the body as we grow older.

Silicon Dioxide • A natural nutrient formed from the elemental mineral silicon and oxygen, silicon dioxide is found in may plants, such as unrefined grains, cereal products and herbs.

Horse Tail Herb • Related to ferns botanically, Horsetail is a rush-like perennial plant (herb) that has a high silica content.  It has been shown to create a positive effect on calcium metabolism when included in the human diet.

Trace Minerals • Trace minerals (or micro minerals) occur in tiny amounts or “traces” and are present in small quantities in the body.  These minerals are needed in quantities less than 100 mg per day, (some are measured in micrograms (mcg)).  Minute portions of trace minerals can powerfully affect health since they are essential in the assimilation and the utilization of vitamins and other nutrients.  The ROEX Ultimate Calcium Mineral Formula has 25 organically bound (chelated) trace minerals from natural sources.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) • Found in most fish-liver oils, butter, brains and egg yolks, vitamin D is required for the proper regulation and absorption of the essential minerals calcium and phosphorus and, also supports and regulates the use of these minerals for the growth and development of the bones and teeth.

Zinc • Important in cell division, growth, and repair (wound healing) as well as proper functioning of the immune system, zinc is an important trace mineral.  It is involved in the action of several hormones, including: insulin, growth hormone, testosterone and estrogen.  Absence of zinc in the diet can affect the senses to taste and smell.

Zinc Aspartate • A binding of zinc and the amino acid aspartic acid, to provide better absorption, assimilation and usage. An important amino acid, aspartic acid functions as a transport mechanism for zinc, delivering it to the proper body site for specific functions.  This readily absorbed form of zinc has the dual advantage of releasing both magnesium and aspartic acid in the blood.

Zinc Citrate • Zinc citrate is a binding of zinc and citric acid, (a form of vitamin C). Easily absorbed, assimilated and utilized in the body, zinc citrate provides the dual benefit of usable calcium and vitamin C.

Zinc Gluconate • A highly soluble form of zinc bound to glucose (a simple sugar), zinc gluconate is a necessary nutrient for the body.


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