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Radio Personalities

Rod Burreson, Founder and CEO of Roex, Inc.

Nearly sixty years ago Rod Burreson began his journey into health, primarily to learn how to heal his body from a series of injuries.  This journey took him down a long, strenuous road leading to an understanding of the body, mind and rehabilitation.

Rod's journey lead him to form Roex, Inc., a company dedicated to finding solutions for many of the problems associated with aging and disease.  He subsequently developed The Truth About Nutrition. Roex's hour-long, unscreened call-in health-talk radio show broadcast out of New York City.  The Roex show is designed to educate every individual to get on the road to health!

The show can now be heard in major metropolitan markets throughout the nation and has provided Rod the opportunity to touch many people's lives and give them the motivation to improve their health and vitality.

Mark Alexander, Director of Consumer Education and Product Training

Mark Alexander has been involved in the Nutritional Supplement Industry for over 25 years.  He owned a successful Health Food Store in Santa Monica for 8 years, where he counseled thousands of people on the benefits of nutritional supplementation, proper diet and the importance of exercise. Mark has acquired his vast knowledge regarding supplementation by attending over 100 lectures and reading over 500 books focused on the constant innovation and breakthroughs continually found in the supplement industry.

Mark has been a radio host for Roex’s live radio show, The Truth About Nutrition for 8 years.  Based on the fact that “one size does not fit all” in regards to nutrition, Mark has offered his guidance to individuals off the air as well as on the air.  Mark understands the importance of personalized attention when individuals require advice regarding supplementation, diet and exercise. Mark’s fundamental goal in terms of nutrition is to continue to present the latest information and advancements in the nutritional supplement industry to the public.

Chris Bolduc, Vice President/Business Development, Roex, Inc.

Chris has been with Roex for more then 7 years and is instrumental in launching new Roex products as well as providing nutritional education and training to both consumers and retailers nationwide. As Roex's nutritional insider, Chris represents Roex via guest appearances on talk radio shows such as Wash Allen's "Confessions"on KCOH-AM and "The Feedback Corner" with Reverend Gregory Griffin on KWWJ-AM in Houston as well as speaking at community events. In addition, Chris coordinates all speaking engagements
for educational organizations around the country, most recently for Texas Southern University's Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Chris also works with Roex's various charitable organizations such as Variety International and Friends of Grace.

Julie Lynch, Syndicated Health Radio Host and Wellness Coach

In addition to hosting The Truth About Nutrition, Julie is also the host of Health Talk on WMCA in New York City.  As a Co-Founder of Well necessity, a coaching company in Manhattan and New Jersey, Julie uses her knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and self-care techniques to help clients lose weight and reach their life goals. Julie has written for Self Magazine and Spirituality and Health and has been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, Court TV, PBS, ESPN, and The Nashville Network. She has also been featured and interviewed in Vogue, The Hollywood Reporter and Cover Magazine. Julie is also a filmmaker.

Radio Program Schedule

Call in numbers

for the program :

In the New York area

call: 212-579-8633

All other areas, toll free:800-429-7295
Email questions: radio@roex.com

On air time is Monday - Friday 

12 noon -  1 pm (EST)

11am - noon (CST)

 9 am - 10 am (PST)

Click Here for the Radio Program Schedule

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