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(Combo of Graviola with 7 other products)

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Product Details for Raintree N-Tense Capsules:

N-Tense Capsules

N-Tense is a Raintree original product made from a synergistic combination of 7 great ingredients. These ingredients come from plants which are abundant in the Amazon forest. Better than Graviola alone; the formula is synergistic blend that is made up of Graviola, Mullaca, Guacatonga, Espinheira Santa, Bitter Melon, Vassourinha, Mutamba, and Catís Claw. Each bottle contains 120 pieces of 700 mg capsules.

Graviola is the common name of Annona muricata and you can read more about it here.

Mullaca (Physalis angulata) is an annual herb that is common to many parts of the tropics, especially in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Guacatonga is a small shrub that produces white, cream, or greenish flowers on its short stalks.

Espinheira Santa (Maytenus ilicifolia) is small shrubbery evergreen tree with leaves and berries that resemble holly. Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) produces a bitter fruit that is often used for dishes in the Asian pacific.

Vassourinha belongs to the foxglove family of plants, with small, white flowers and serrated leaves.

Mutamba is a tree with oblong leaves and white to yellow flowers. It produces a strong honey scent and is prevalent in the Amazon.

Catís Claw's botanical name is Uncaria tomentosa. The common name comes from the thorns of its vine which are shaped like hooks and resembles the claws of a cat. The woody vine is commonly found in South / Central America.

N-Tense comes in 120 capsules per bottle with 700mg or pure herb per capsule. As with all our formula it is 100% natural.

Additional Information

Size / Count120 Capsules

N-Tense - General Information:

Miracle Graviola N-Tense

Miracle Graviola N-TENSE combines the rainforest's most potent and powerful plants into one synergistic formula. This proprietary and unique formula contains 50% graviola combined with 7 other plants that have similar properties and actions as graviola. Most find this unique blend of plants to have synergistic actions and provide better results than graviola alone. These power plants have been independently documented around the world with active biological actions.* This product was featured in three articles by the Health Sciences Institute:

This formula is a proprietary blend of graviola leaf and stem, mullaca whole herb, guacatonga leaf and stem, espinheira santa leaf, bitter melon whole herb, vassourinha leaf, mutamba bark, and catís claw vine bark.

Each rainforest botanical in N-TENSE has been sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest. They are processed without chemicals or irraditation. The capsules contain no binders, fillers, or exipients and are 100% finely milled natural plants.

Ingredients: A proprietary blend of graviola, mullaca, guacatonga, espinheira santa , bitter melon, vassourinha, mutamba, and catís claw.

Suggested Use: Take 3-4 capsules three times daily.


bulletNot to be used during pregnancy or while breast-feeding
bulletSeveral ingredients in this formula have demonstrated hypotensive, vasodilator, and cardiodepressant activities in animal studies
bulletPeople with low blood pressure should monitor their blood pressure for this possible effect

Drug Interactions: This product may enhance or increase the effect of high blood pressure drugs.

Other Practitioner Observations:

bulletSeveral ingredients in this formula have demonstrated significant in vitro antimicrobial properties. Supplementing the diet with probiotics (like acidophilus found in live-cultured yogurt) is advisable when this product is used for longer than 30 days.
bulletTaking CoQ10 and other supplements which increase cellular ATP might reduce the effects of N-Tense.

Quality & Harvesting Methods: Purchasing a high quality rainforest or South American botanical in the marketplace today can be quite tricky for the average person, professional or even manufacturer. Unfortunately, in South America, there is little control over sustainability, product quality, and/or species verification. Brokering medicinal plants into the U.S. market from South and Central America is a growing profitable industry with many participants of varying experience, knowledge and ethics. This surge in business and growing demand has created many problems in the industry which many Americans are unaware of.

Raintree is vastly different than other bulk suppliers who source their botanicals through various companies and brokers since we set up and control our own plant harvesting programs in the Amazon and South America. Raintree sets up wild-harvesting programs with local river communities and co-ops, with Indigenous Indian tribes and with NGO and governmental land management organizations. We first start with a land management plan to determine the sustainable yield the forest land can provide of which specific and species-identified plants. We then train the local harvesters on the best methods for harvesting, processing and storing of plants prior to pick up and pay them a fair wage for harvesting which is tied into our final sales prices. With some plants, locals are growing seedlings and replanting back into the jungle as they are harvesting these plants to ensure sustainability and to increase sustainable yields.

Raintree's botanicals are harvested to order as needed to ensure freshness and potency, then transported quickly into the export cities (Lima, Peru and Sao Paulo, Brazil). The plants are then cleaned and sanitized in ozonated water and Citricidal (a natural grapefruit seed extract with antimicrobial properties), then dried in low heat driers. Finally, the plants are ground into powders, tested and certified with independent microbiological testing, and then triple sacked into 25 kilo bags to be exported to the U.S. All of our imports to the US are by air-freight rather than by sea to further ensure the quality and freshness of our botanicals. Sometimes it can be as little as 30 days or less between the time that the plant was actually growing in the jungle and when we ship it to you.

This entire process allows us to control the quality of the plant from the time it is growing in the jungle until it arrives to the U.S. for sale to other manufacturers and consumers or processed into a Raintree product or proprietary formula. This process also keeps as much of the income and profits as possible in the country where the plant originated from, which is an important aspect in encouraging rainforest conservation locally.

The end result of these critically important methods and procedures is a complete line of high quality rainforest medicinal plants that professionals, manufacturers and consumers can be assured that:

bulletThey are the correct species of plant
bulletThey are wild harvested sustainably (without pesticides or fertilizers)
bulletThey are processed without irradiation or harmful chemicals
bulletThey are the freshest and most potent plants the rainforest has to offer
bulletThey are part of the solution to rainforest destruction

We know we aren't the cheapest, but we think we are the best if you demand a efficacious, ethical, sustainably harvested high quality product.

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