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Aloe Juice
Aloe Vera Juice - 32 oz Bottle

Flavor - Natural Fruit Blend

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Miracle Aloe Vera Juice
(Look and Feel your Best)

Aloe Vera has many Benefits and Promotes Health and Longevity

1. Improves digestive health naturally
2. Constant cleanse of the colon and digestive track
3. Helps control constipation and bowel distress
4. Helps prevent colon cancer
5. Helps heal the digestive track
6. Cleanses and supports the liver
7. Increases absorption and digestion, if taken before meals
8. Reduces constipation & gas in Children and Adults
9. Helps Acid Reflux and heartburn the natural way
10. Effective Anti-oxidant for building the immune system
11. Increases energy
12. Builds stamina for workouts and athletic competition
13. Provides anti-inflammatory support for tissues and joints
14. Aids in repair and recover
15. Effective against allergies
16. Improves sugar metabolism
17. Effective against Fibromyalgia
18. Best choice for controlling Candida (yeast infection)
19. Helps Rebuild your Skin and Hair, etc.

No harmful side effects and so much more!

Highest Quality

Miracle Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Juice Concentrate is the highest quality Aloe Vera in a bottle providing maximum benefits when taken daily. It is a 3:1 concentrate containing yellow sap (we remove 3 quarts of water from 4 quarts of aloe to equal one quart of Aloe concentrate) with solids averaging 14,500 per bottle. The high quality formula contains no water and there is no high heat or oxidation used in processing keeping all essential nutrients and polysaccharides intact providing maximum immune system support.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons (1 FL Oz.)
Servings per Container: 32
Proprietary Blend Consisting of:

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

Active Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Gel & Whole Leaf

30,000 mg **
Natural Mixed Fruits & Berry Flavoring, Citric Acid, Xylitol, Stevia Leaf Extract 709 mg **
** Daily Value (DV) has not been established.

Instructions: Take 1 or 2 oz daily, special health applications take 3 to 8 oz.

Miracle Aloe Juice for Acid Reflux:

You've seen aloe juice at the health food store now learn how it helps heal acid reflux, more commonly called heartburn.

Aloe Vera, a succulent cactus-like plant, is famous for its remarkable ability to cool a burn, but its soothing powers can also douse the internal flames that cause heartburn. In fact aloe juice may be the best treatment for heartburn. But first, here's why this herb deserves a top spot on your supplement list.

Aloe's Secret Ingredients: The healing aspects of aloe come from the herb's ingredients, including enzymes, amino acids, minerals and a sugar called glucomannan. 

A long-chain sugar molecule composed of glucose and mannose, glucomannan is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions in humans. Researchers suspect the compound interferes with virus replication and/or alters a process involved in the development of infection. Researchers at Tokyo Women's Medical College have shown that certain proteins in aloe gel may stimulate the production of killer cells, which are naturally occurring white blood cells that defend against bacteria and other immune system threats.

How to Use Aloe for Acid Reflux:

Acid reflux, also called heartburn and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), has become common, even among young people. In many cases, GERD occurs when the one-way valve at the bottom of the esophagus (called the lower esophageal sphincter) becomes pinched open, allowing food and stomach acid to travel back up into the esophagus. The result is a burning pain, especially noticeable when you bend over or lie down.

Chronic antacid use (including prescription acid-blocking drugs) can compound the problem: Stomach acid is important for proper digestion and immune function, but antacid use can suppress and/or interfere with this normal process.

The solution for GERD is to heal your lower esophageal sphincter using aloe and a few lifestyle changes. Take 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice (not gel) 10 minutes before each meal. Miracle Aloe Juice is 20 times more concentrated than regular Aloe Vera juice. Therefore, 1/2 ounce is sufficient instead of 1/4 cup. Continue for up to six weeks, depending on the severity of your problem. The juice not only soothes mucous membranes, but also acts as a healing agent for the lower esophageal sphincter.

Other Uses for Aloe

Studies of aloe indicate that it may be useful for providing general immune support and treating the following conditions:

bulletType 2 diabetes
bulletUlcerative Colitis
bulletKidney stones
bulletStomach Ulcers

Questions on Aloe Vera Juices

Q: Why are Miracle Aloe Juice the best available Aloe Vera on the market?
A: Using the entire Whole Leaf of the plant, cold processed concentration 3:1, along with fresh juice not powdered reconstituted- with NO WATER ADDED, certified organic Aloe Life gives the consumer the strongest Aloe Vera product for the best price! The flavored concentrates are delicious for children and adults. The quality of the juice taken determines the results achieved. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Q: How did the Miracle Aloe Vera Juice company begin?
A: A clinical nutritionist, Karen Masterson-Koch began researching Aloe Vera in her practice 12 years ago. She began seeing remarkable results with her Cancer, HIV, Chronic Fatigue and all patients upon their use of a quality Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice. The potency of the products on the market was so low that a patient had to spend too much money to achieve the potency needed to greatly effect ones health. That led Mrs. Masterson to formulate the Miracle Aloe Vera Juice that so many individuals benefit from by daily use today.

Q: Are the flavored Miracle Aloe Juices Therapeutic?
A: Most definitely! The Cherry Cranberry, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate, was actually the first product introduced onto the market from Aloe Life. This was because Mrs. Masterson wanted all people to be able to enjoy the value the Aloe Vera plant has to offer and many people would not drink the natural Aloe juice. The potency is only 7% less Aloe and tastes delicious. Flavors do not contain sweeteners! Children and individuals of all ages drink and enjoy Aloe Life!

Q: Most people don't even know that you can drink Aloe Vera and if there any harm from drinking the Aloe vegetable juice?
A: (No) Being a vegetable it is best to drink a small amount at first or test the topical Skin Gel on a small area of skin to make sure you are not allergic to Aloe. This is rare yet people can be allergic to natural foods such as strawberries and it's wise to check before using any quantity of Miracle Aloe Juice. Once you have done the allergy test you may build up to the desired amount of 1-8 oz. The Aloe Vera products actually have a collagen strengthening effect that helps to reduce over all allergy response. Other companies sometimes use sulfites to help retain the color of their Aloe juice. Our Aloe Vera does not use any sulfites and people who cannot tolerate other brands of Aloe juice have done brilliantly with Miracle Aloe Vera Juice. Contrary to other written references, aloe is excellent for children, adults and seniors. Pet lovers use our juice for animals as well!

Q: Why do Physicians tell parents that Aloe Vera is dangerous for children to drink?
A: Their reference is to laxative Aloe Vera products. Properly processed Aloe Vera juices like Miracle Aloe Vera are 100% safe and are not formulated to act as laxatives but do provide gentle help moving the bowels. If diarrhea occurs cut back on the amount of juice consumed.

Q: Why do some health books say seniors and pregnant women should not take Aloe Vera?
A: Their reference is to laxative Aloe Vera products see previous ans. regarding laxative Aloe. Their is no harmful or dangerous element in the Aloe Vera plant that will hurt the fetus or the elderly! In fact Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial to seniors because studies have shown that stomach acids naturally decline with age. Aloe Vera helps to regulate the stomach acids providing great support to digestive function. Elderly also receive skin renewal properties through collagen support and increased wound healing. Individuals may feel vigorous and energized because of the many nutrients and electrolytes in Aloe. Pregnant women may experience less nausea and the aloe will encourage milk production!

Q: What is the potency of the Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate?
A: 14,000 - 21,000 mgs. per liter of MPS or solids\polysaccharides as it has been referred to. Miracle Aloe Vera Juice is 20 Times more concentrated than many of the regular Aloe Vera juice products on the market test in the 1,000 - 2,000 range and even lower than this! It varies according to how much water is actually in the formula. Be aware that water is not always included in the ingredient list. Miracle Aloe Vera test their juices yearly at an independent laboratory and receives the proper third party documentation. (Most other Aloe companies do not test their product potency at all. Some will type up results on their own letter head or the company they purchase their aloe from, which is not to be trusted.)

Q: How can a consumer know the quality of Aloe Vera juices without elaborate testing?
A: Miracle Aloe Vera documents not only the potency yet also the freshness with (3) microbial tests on every batch. This documents the quality of the juice you are drinking so you feel safe to even give it to your child. It meets the strictest of manufacturing; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with laboratory tests to prove it. Many juices are processed out of the country and do not run the strict testing that Miracle Aloe Vera insists on. Lastly a consumer looks for the health results they are hopeful for. Miracle Aloe Vera Juice are effective where many products just hint at support. It is best to use Aloe Vera for at least three months to test the effectiveness. Our products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Q: Does the Whole Leaf juice contain more active ingredients than inner gel?
A: Yes. The entire leaf may contain as many as 200 active elements not available in the inner gel alone that support health according to Dr. Robert Davis, Ph.D., microbiologist and renowned Aloe Vera researcher. The valuable yellow sap is only found in whole leaf Aloe Vera products. Note: Many companies filter out all of the yellow sap even if Whole Leaf is indicated.  Aloe Life leaves the highest allowable level of yellow sap in our products providing many benefits to an individual including anti bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and digestive support.

Q: Why are Aloe Vera Juices concentrated?
A: Miracle Aloe Vera Juice wanted to bring to market the most affordable product with the most benefit. To accomplish this we remove natural occurring water from the leaf.(3 qts of water are removed from 4qts of aloe = 1 qt of 3:1 concentrate) This enables Miracle Aloe Vera Juice to concentrate without high heat. Natural Aloe Vera has a succulent with 99% of the juice being water and 1% containing the 200 beneficial solids or active ingredients. Therefore, by concentrating it costs the consumer less money for more value.

Q: The Aloe Vera juices contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, polysaccharides and more. Do we need to take our supplements along with the juice?
A: Yes. Aloe Life juices do contain hundreds of nutrients yet they do not replace the need for Multi-vitamin supplements. What has been presented in some Research is that when Aloe Vera juice is taken with other nutrients the absorption increases even up to ten times greater. So it is possible to not only optimize your own digestion of foods yet also any other vitamins or herbs you may take! A recent study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania in 2002 showed 300% better absorption of Vitamins C & E when taken with Aloe Vera Juice.

Q: Even though Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate are very strong Miracle Aloe Vera Juice also adds extra trace minerals. Why are Trace Minerals so important?
A: Trace minerals are necessary for many metabolic actions within our bodies? Scientists have only just begun to understand the value the trace minerals perform in keeping human beings healthy. Zinc, selenium and molybdenum are just a few of these very important trace minerals that support immune function and energy within the cell. Most people do not eat enough vegetables and whole grains to receive enough minerals from their diets to optimize their health. At no extra cost to the consumer, Miracle Aloe Vera Juice adds trace minerals to give extra health support without toxicity. Minerals supply electrolyte fuel during the hot weather. Aloe Life helps maintain energy through even the most humid of days!

Q: What is a good dosage?
A: One ounce daily equal to 2 tablespoons is an amount that many people find great as a maintenance amount taken before breakfast is best. Adults can gradually build up to 8 ounces if so desired. The average amount is between 2-3 ounces daily. Children take 1-3 ounces keeping in mind that a larger body size will demand more juice daily, to achieve the desire support. If loose bowels occur, cut back until normal bowel habits return. Many people welcome the encouragement for regularity without diarrhea. If one has a tendency for diarrhea begin with just (1) teaspoon or a capful and increase as the bowels allow. Irritable bowel has an adjustment with taking a quality Aloe. Many claim that Aloe was just what was needed to reduce all symptoms of irritable bowels. See for yourself!

Q: Does the juice need refrigeration?
A: (Yes) If left out of the refrigerator for short periods it is OK. Yet we do not high heat pasteurize the juice so to prolong the freshness refrigerate and avoid drinking directly out of the bottle unless you are using it up quickly.

Q: Is Miracle Aloe Vera Juice Organic?
A: Yes, all of the products are certified organic and pesticide and herbicide free. Being processed in Texas, not from Costa Rica or Venezuela, we guarantee that no harmful chemicals are sprayed on the Aloe Vera

Q: What preservatives do the Aloe Vera juices contain?
A: The food grade preservatives Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate used in our juices in quantities less than .025 mg per bottle are safe and only retard mold from developing. Just like whole grain bread that molds easily we take every step to ensure a safe and fresh product. They do not require mold inhibitors or citric acid and are the finest Aloe Vera in a tablet available (3 tablets = 1 oz of juice concentrate).

Q: When is the best time to take Aloe Vera juices?
A: Because we do not add water to our juices the pH remains acidic 4.7 - 5.2. Watered down products do not have this natural bitter property that aids in digestion so remarkably! It is best to take the juices a little before a meal. If this is not possible, taking Aloe Vera anytime will give good support. For some individuals if taken before bedtime it will keep them awake because of the nutritional factors. For others it has been a wonder aid in a more restful sleep.

Q: How can you best describe the concentration of the Aloe Vera juice?
A: We take 1 gallon of fresh ground Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice and remove 3 quarts of natural occurring water. This gives 1 quart of Aloe, referred to as a 3:1 concentrate.

Q: Is it safe to give Aloe Vera juice for dogs? (I saw the Aloe Vera Plant listed under poisonous plants on an animal web site?)
A: Aloe is 100% safe to give to pets. Just start with 1 oz. and increase giving it in increments throughout the day.  If diarrhea occurs, cut back. Dogs need about 1 oz. per 10 lbs of body weight to increase immune function. What is pretty ridiculous is dogs would never just start eating away on a whole Aloe Vera plant because it is too bitter. A little goes a long way. The plant is NOT toxic so they do not know what they are talking about as is the case when people are warned against Aloe Vera. If people get diarrhea they also need to just cut the amount consumed down. It is like Vitamin C. Vitamin C will cause loose stool if you consume too much at one time. It is, however, NOT toxic.

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