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Advanced Cell Therapy
Energy Drink

A.C.T. - Advance Cell Therapy
Energy Drink - Travel Packs

Flavor - Juicy Fruit
30 Travel Packs (15g each)

1 Box of 30 (15g) Packets - $73.95 + $6.50 Direct S&H = $80.45 Total
2 Boxes of 30 (15g) Packets - $140.95 + $7.52 Direct S&H = $148.47 Total

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A.C.T. - Advance Cell Therapy
Energy Drink - Canister
Original Cherry Flavor

30 Servings Per Canister (450g)

1 - 450g Canister - $59.95 + $6.50 Direct S&H = $66.45 Total
2 - 450g Canisters - $113.95 + $6.50 Direct S&H = $120.45 Total

This product does NOT qualify for free shipping due to being Direct Shipped by the Manufacturer.
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"This Product is not available at this time."

We recommend ordering Miracle Life's Greens Energizer Drink in lieu of Vitalagy.

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What is A.C.T. ???

A.C.T. is a supplement breakthrough that generates super human vitality, which provides full body revitalization and super charges nutrient uptake into your cells.

Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or at night, A.C.T. will keep you going or make you go. Plus, you get to experience what is being referred to by consumers as “The Feel Good” product.

Target Metabolic Pathways for Specific Results

Every cell in your body depends on energy to perform the functions of that cell. Most people eat foods high in calories and low in the nutrients your cells need to perform.

A.C.T. targets specific metabolic pathways to create optimal balance and performance at the cellular level.

Capture the best of Nature through Good Science

Natural products work! A.C.T. uses nature to deliver results. Nutrients abound in plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. A.C.T. combines extracts from these various natural sources to produce positive results. Specialized crystalline extracts from these natural sources combine to deliver results. You can have both ENERGY and NUTRIENTS working together when Nature and Good Science meld.

Seek out REAL STORIES... Not Claims!

Any successful business is story driven and results oriented. There is a trillion dollar health industry during the next ten years. The spoils will go to products that actually work, are easily consumed, and deliver immediate long-lasting results.

How was M2CGLOBAL started?

Several executives and scientist who were into health and anti-aging as a way of life started M2CGLOBAL.

We formulated what we felt was a billion dollar drink. We introduced in our laboratories a colorful vitality drink called A.C.T. Due to the overwhelming positive response from our laboratories, offices, and friends we began designing a company with a Manufacturer-to-Consumer revolution in mind. This is the foundation for future brand development.

A.C.T. Works Fast! Almost everyone asks for more samples after one day of experiencing A.C.T.
(this is the honest truth!)

We knew A.C.T. was going to be a breakthrough in science nutrition and we were having fun sharing this super-charged vitality product with everyone. We knew A.C.T. was a blockbuster product and was going to sell FAST!

A.C.T. is AFFORDABLE - We recognized a HUGE niche in selling directly online and shipping straight to the consumer. This true web business allows M2CGLOBAL to forfeit any added price hikes for retail chains or older middle sales "MLM opportunity" type companies.

This provides HUGE value to our end consumer. Since M2CGLOBAL owns the laboratory and manufacturing facilities, we can ship our products direct without a  company or sales channel in between. This allows M2CGLOBAL to sell below wholesale!

"The Very Best Health and Energy Drink On the Market"
How fast does it work?
That is the best part - around 30 minutes!!!
How long does it last?
8 to 12 Hours


bullet Big increase in energy
bullet Sharp mental concentration.
bullet A feel good affect - like feeling 20 years younger
bullet ARTHRITIS PAIN -- not ! 
bulletActivates all glands and cells in the body
bulletAppetite is suppressed -  lose unwanted weight
bullet Sleep well and wake up alert (not groggy)


A Golfers Testimony - I am 70...  I have proved it works everyday as I have tons of energy, during golf and the rest of the day. I swing like I was 30 years younger. My knees are bone on bone and now I can walk 18 holes of golf, with no more pain.

bulletA.C.T works much better than any other arthritis products on the market plus it also boost your energy level
bullet8 out of 10 people want this product once they try it!!!
bulletIt does have an accumulative affect as the days go by
bulletWe have over 400 people ordering this product and it is the most desired product we have ever sold.

Priced at only $59.00 for 2 months supply, (1) canister (30-day supply) and (30) travel packets.
Compare that Price with any other less effective Health Drinks on the market.
Just look at the Ingredients - no one can compare value!!!
You are shipped (30) travel packets to use or give to others that want to to try it.

Advanced Cell Therapy Ingredients

Vitamin C - (100% RDA)

bulletImmunity Antioxidant
bulletKey Ingredient for producing collagen in Tissue fiber
bulletDeficiency causes scurvy, anemia, pain, infection, bruising

Vitamin B3 - (100% Niacinamide)

bulletCell respiration
bulletLess Cholesterol
bulletMental Alertness

Vitamin B6 - (100%)

bulletHormone Balance
bulletRed Blood Cells
bulletCancer Immunity
bulletProtects Heart Muscle 

Vitamin B12 - (100%)

bulletHealthy Nerve Cells
bulletRed Blood Cells
bulletHelps Making - DNA

Creatine Monohydrate – (Created in liver, pancreas & kidneys)

bulletProvides energy to muscles - Used by the World’s #1 bodybuilder
bulletNot a steroid (approved by Olympic Committee)

Fibersol-2 - (Dietary fiber)

bulletHelp keeps the digestive system clean & healthy
bulletHelps regulate blood sugar
bulletReduce risk of some lifestyle-related diseases

Guarana Seed

bulletAntioxidant with antibacterial properties
bulletRevitalizes and refreshes mind and body
bulletReduces pain
bulletImproves mental acuity
bulletIncreases endurance
bulletReduces stress

Green Tea - (Medical conditions that are improved by taking Green Tea)

bulletKills cancer cells (with no harm to healthy tissues)
bulletRich in catechins & polyphenols (inhibit cancer cell growth)  
bulletCardiovascular disease
bulletRheumatoid arthritis
bulletLowers cholesterol levels
bulletImproves ratio of good (HDL) to bad (LDL) cholesterol
bulletFights infection
bulletRepairs immune function

Ginseng Root - (Non caffeine)

bulletCreates vital energy
bulletRestores normal pulse
bulletBenefits lungs and spleen
bulletCalms the nerves-reduces stress
bulletHelps body resist infections


bulletImproves cardiovascular health
bulletDetoxification of ammonia
bulletNeurotransmitter in the brain
bulletStimulates pituitary release of growth hormone
bulletPancreatic release of glucagons and insulin


bulletShields heart from harm
bulletClears cholesterol from the body
bulletLowers blood pressure
bulletFights cells that damage the heart
bulletBenefits vision disorders
bulletBenefits epilepsy and gallstones


bulletEnergy for cells
bulletBurns fat & reduces hunger
bulletImproves cardiovascular performance & function
bulletStimulates the hearts energy supply
bulletIncreases heart output


bulletImproves brain function
bulletStimulates the nervous system
bulletStimulates metabolism
bulletSuppresses the appetite
bulletBurns body fat
bulletAids adrenal, thyroid & pituitary glands 

Maca Root

bulletEnhances memory
bulletBoosts energy, improves endurance & stamina
bulletOvercomes depression
bulletMenopause symptoms savior & libido enhanced

Cherry Juice Extract

bulletHealthy Joints 

Mango Juice Extract

bullet Builds Immune System
bullet Respiratory

Pineapple Juice Extract

bulletAids Digestion Helps 

Orange Juice Extract

bulletGreat source of Vitamin C
bulletSupplies many Phytonutrients

Potassium Citrate - 235 mg
Daily dietary need for potassium is 2000-4000 mg.

bulletLow potassium diets produce great fatigue & muscle weakness.
bulletPotassium is essential for life, growth, development & life span.
bulletControls the activity of your heart, muscles, nervous system
bulletControls just about every living cell in your body
bulletActivates enzymes for the use of amino acids
bulletConversion of blood sugar into the stored glycogen for energy reserves
bulletInvolved in bone calcification
bulletMuscle contraction & coordination
bulletRole in maintaining the water balance & integrity of your cells
bulletIt is important to nerve transmission
bulletTransport of choline for acetylcholine synthesis in your brain
bulletProtein & carbohydrate metabolism,
bulletGlucose breakdown, & glycogen (stored glucose)

Stevia Leaf Extract - (Sweetest herb on earth - No calories)

Tropical Blast Supplement Facts


A.C.T. Energy  Supplement Facts



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